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At Tristar Headware, we are also concerned with our environment. We encourage you to try our Organic Line of Caps. Feel free to read and learn more about the facts.

Why Organic?

Organic agriculture uses crop rotation instead of agrochemicals and artificial fertilizers, and biological pest control instead of pesticides. Because organic cotton does not use chemicals to cultivate it is much more gentler on the skin, and much better for the environment.

Unlimited Colours of your Choice

For our customers that want to make a statement and a commitment to the environment we offer The Green Tristar cap. This cap is made from 100% certified organic cotton. We can custom dye the cap in any custom color of your choice, and the dye used is also an environmentally friendly dye. The dye used to color the caps is free of toxic chemicals that pollute the Earth and is free from toxic chemicals that harm humans. We take our commitment towards making an environmentally friendly cap one step further by also offering an organic cotton thread for embroidery. The thread is certified to be 100% organic and the dye used to create pigmentation is also free of any harmful chemicals.

Express your Commitement

By purchasing The Green Tristar Cap you are expressing your commitment to the high values of environmental preservation. In addition wearers of your cap will be imbued with a sense of pride when they wear a cap made from 100% organic cotton as there is a subtle yet clear difference between cotton and 100% organic cotton.

Each cap will have a woven label delicately sewed into the inside of the cap, which will certify the cap as being made without harmful chemicals and 100% organic cotton.

In addition each cap will come with a hangtag that discusses the virtues of organic cotton. The hangtag will also certify your cap as being a 100% organic cotton cap, and in addition the hangtag will feature your logo to further reinforce your commitment to the environment.

Buy Green

We all benefit from the environment, therefore The Green Tristar Cap is appropriate for businesses, schools, sports teams, or any other organization that wants to show their commitment to the Earth.

The Green Tristar Capis more expensive than our other caps, because it is much more expensive to cultivate organic cotton. However, The Green Tristar Cap makes a statement and commitment that is priceless.






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